The ultimate scare experience…

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Experience an action-packed night of fun and fear this Halloween at Quextreme Terror! Join us for the ultimate scare experience here at Quex Activity Centre. Returning with 3 new terrifying scare attractions, be prepared to be scared…

Clowns of the corn banner

A Freak show of clowns awaits, Do not worry though these clowns just want to PLAY! As you follow the twists and turns, ups and downs the clowns will be waiting to greet you along the way. Whatever you do though, do not stop moving who knows what tricks these clowns have up their sleeve! 

sinister the reckoning banner

The possessed chapel and catacombs that the Demon took over last year have been levelled and the whole area exorcised. A new place of worship has been built on the site to contain the shapeshifter. Come for a tour around the new chapel and see for yourselves…what could possibly go wrong?

Blood shed banner

Well done for bravely volunteering to investigate the spate of missing people in the nearby woods. Sounds of screams, rumours of torture and the account of one escapee has led authorities to believe, all is not as it seems at the abandoned ex-military outpost. Somebody has moved into the complex and is making themselves at home. Are you ready to survive the Blood Shed?

All of this and more awaits you at this year’s Quextreme Terror, so what are you waiting for?

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