Quextreme Terror Copy - Quex Activity Centre - The Ultimate Scare Experience!
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Formerly Quextreme Terror, we are pleased to announce the launch of

‘Quex Adventure Fright Park.’

2021 will bring three brand new scare mazes, not for the fainthearted, set to test the limits of young and old. Please note this event is only suitable for 11+, Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult. Each scare will have it’s own fear rating.

Enter at your own risk!

Those pesky Clowns are running wild again. Roam through their twisty-turny, swirly-curly, topsy-turvy world of darkness. They’ll let you out eventually!!

Maze of Mayhem (1)-min
Curses Edge (2)

Those scary scarecrows have come back to search you all out again! So take a stroll through the darkened cornfields of Crows Curse. You better hope that your presence goes unnoticed, so tread quietly…..those scarecrows don’t take kindly to outsiders.

Remember when you were a child and you woke up sweating and screaming from the worst nightmare imaginable? All those nursery rhymes that got warped by your mind whilst asleep; twisted characters from your favourite book that meant you could never look at the story again; images of freakish fairy tales conjured up by your mind’s eye. Take a step back into your childhood and for this nightmare, try to keep your eyes open!!

Copy of the missing (1)


Trick or Treat Trail
11+ Paintball
Airsoft Website - 6 (2)
Adventure Golf