Quextreme Terror Copy - Quex Activity Centre - The Ultimate Scare Experience!
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Returning to Quex Activity Centre this October

The woods aren’t safe…too many versions of unaccountable disappearances… Sounds of screams, rumours of torture and the account of one lucky escapee has led authorities to believe all is not as it seems at the abandoned ex-military outpost. Somebody has moved into the complex and is making themselves at home. Are you ready to search the compound for The Missing?

the missing
Copy of Copy of Curses Edge-min

The Devil has possessed many of the locals in the medieval village of Curses Edge and it needs to be scourged. With hysteria taking hold, it’s is no place for the faint hearted! Avoid the distraught and disturbed peasants the best you can as you make your way through to the BURNING OF THE WITCHES.

Remember when you were a child and you woke up sweating and screaming from the worst nightmare imaginable? All those nursery rhymes that got warped by your mind whilst asleep; twisted characters from your favourite book that meant you could never look at the story again; images of freakish fairy tales conjured up by your mind’s eye. Take a step back into your childhood and for this nightmare, try to keep your eyes open!!

Copy of the missing (1)


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