With our four huge arenas – D Day 1944, Woodlands, Speedball & an Inflatable Field – you’ve got a great choice of space with loads of obstacles to hide behind. Get a feel for what it might have been like for soldiers during World War II, with our trenches and pill boxes layout. Hide out in our very own Vietnam village amongst trees and bamboo huts. Play last man standing in an inflatable field of bunkers. Experience the thrill of close quarter’s action whilst still playing safely. The battles are as good as your imagination can take, and once the adrenaline takes hold, it’ll release the soldier you never knew you were.

Image of D Day Arena at Quex Paintball
Image of D Day Arena at Quex Paintball


Our main attraction! The D-Day landings arena offers the unique chance to experience storming the beaches of Normandy. Starting in a beached landing craft, players make their way up to the enemy trench system and pillboxes, trying to out flank the opposition watching out for any mines and other hidden surprises and eventually take out all opposing them. The defending team have to use the extra cover of the pillboxes to their advantage, slowly picking off the opposing players making their way up the beach.

Image of Woodlands Arena at Quex Paintball
Image of Woodlands Arena at Quex Paintball


Our themed woodlands with 2-storey castle, sniper nests, and village ruins and of course loads of trees is fantastic fun, if you like to camouflage this is the place to be. Can your team capture the castle and be victorious?



A popular pro player field with giant inflatable obstacles for you to bounce off. Being stealthy wont get you far here! Lock, load and run, capture the flag and take to the opposing team’s base. Only the brave succeed!


It’s simple: Climb the hill, pick up the barrel and take it to the opposing team’s base, just don’t get shot! A real challenge awaits, this field takes teamwork to the limits!


Because the safety aspect of Laser Combat is a little easier to manage – no objects flying through the air at high velocity – we’ve also got mobile capacity, so if you’ve got a large enough space to play in, maybe a field, or a small wood somewhere, we can bring the battle to you!

We provide all the equipment you need for an epic session of Laser Combat. You just provide the people in suitable run-around clothing.

This service is available through enquiry only, so just let us know what you want and where, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.