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  • Laser Tag at Quex Activity Centre, Birchington, Thanet
  • Laser Tag at Quex Activity Centre, Birchington, Thanet



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We love Paintballing. That’s a fact. But we know that not everyone wants to go home with 25 bruises after a great day out. That’s why we’ve brought in Outdoor Laser Combat for the Thanet area. For a few fun packed hours, shooting your mates and killing everything in sight, you can head home, relatively unbruised, and feeling that little bit fitter. The bonuses don’t just stop there. Since laser quest is that little bit safer, we can offer the game to everyone aged 6 and upwards. Kids’ birthday parties may never be the same again!

We offer a heap of different packages, from one or two hour sessions, to half and full days, and even after school sessions. We also do birthday party packages – this is a great way to entertain and wear out 25 kids under the age of 10! Just give us a call and let us know what you need – if we can provide it, you can have it!

Available for ages 6+


All of our games, whether organised or not, promote teamwork, stamina and all round fitness, so they’re great for adult teams from different workplaces, and school groups, as well as stag and hen nights, parties and just random groups of friends.


You’re in great hands

Laser Tag is great fun it’s like a real life computer game like say call of duty just with loads of fresh air and action you’re get to play lots of game scenarios and you’re be issued a state of the art laser tagger, all games are marshalled though out ensuring everyone plays safe and and follows game rules

What should I wear?

Were an outdoor centre so we highly recommend that you don t wear you’re best clothes or trainers, we recommend old clothing which you don’t mind rolling around in the dirt with, as for footwear boots are best, however an old pair of trainers or wellie boots are also fine

Will I be with other people?

Depending on the size of your group you may well be playing with others and its much more fun, however if you require an exclusive group for just your party drop us a call and we’re see what we can do (minimum numbers apply)

What happens if it’s raining ?

Rain or shine the battles on, only in extreme weather conditions we will cancel games,

What’s included with my game?

We’re provide you with camouflage overalls,a state of the art laser tagger and camoflauge war paint

Can laser tag damage my eye sight?

No, absolutely not. Our taggers do not fire actual lasers, but invisible infrared signals. The manufacturers of the infrared emitters used in the taggers state that in recent safety studies carried out in the USA, eye injuries were found to be impossible. Infrared waves from our emitters are low frequency, long wavelength and low energy.